"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create"

It is hard to deny the towering wisdom of this succinct Buddhist philosophy.

From my own experience I can attest to the fact that a person has the power to determine their own reality. To that end, it makes sense to be careful what you wish for.

It is no surprise that mindfulness and meditation are becoming increasingly popular to powerfully reduce stress and anxiety.

Do more of what makes you smile

What do you enjoy most? what makes you smile? and what cleanses your soul? Do more of that.

For me, I enjoy country walks and its fresh air, fitness classes, dancing, the sea air, and most of all the freedom of life.

Take time out for yourself to reflect, and understand your mind. Anything that feels negative: process it but then throw it away. Replace it with positive thoughts and aim to become a positive being.

Motivational speaking held by myself at hotels around the world

Mindset Matters! Conducting motivational talks at hotels around the world..

... is what is displayed above. It only needs a moment to completely ground yourself and reset the mind.

At the end of these sessions everyone feels refreshed, calm, and most of all positive about who they are.

Cleansing your mindset could happen in so many ways

Cleansing your mindset can occur in many ways. Do what is right for you.

Whatever cleanses your mind - do that.

Working through fitness with this lady has opened my mind. There are moments in life where you feel like there is no way out. Never forget that there is someone worse off than you are.

Now this wonderful lady puts life into perspective. This lady enjoys every simple life's pleasure. She has made a massive impact on my wellbeing which is the complete irony of the whole matter.

We get so hung up on on the minor things in life, and maybe you can't afford that handbag, or maybe you missed your train, or maybe you don't like your hair one day. This lady doesn't have her own money- never will. This lady can not travel into London or anywhere alone, never will. This lady doesn't have a say in how her hair looks. However, she is the happiest human being i know with nothing material in her life whatsoever.

This lady lives in the absolute present. She does not feel a single negative emotion. To her, everyone is so kind and lovely. She is the most happiest. Having no money and being dependant on her adopted Mother - she is still the most happiest.

Her heart is pure gold and her mindset is just right.

Therefore, next time we have a problem it might be worth considering how big that problem really is and don’t forget to connect with who you really are