The Dubai Hotel that charmed me 


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting The Address hotel nestled within the heart of the Dubai Marina and surrounded by the spectacular views of stunning yachts and clear blue ocean. It’s the very height of luxury. I made the decision to visit because I felt burnt after burning the candle at both ends. Life became hectic in the UK (a good hectic) and i craved the luxury and peace that this hotel brings. I can not think of anywhere better to rest up and reboot. It only takes one step into The Address Hotel reception to feel instantly charmed and grateful for its magical essence and wonderful elegance.

I felt immediately relaxed and at ease. My bedroom was the epitome of class which offered incredible views of the pristine Dubai marina. This hotel’s USP is that it's situated right on Dubai Marina holding the most incredible view of the Marina. I could sit for hours watching the yachts sail along  - It is quite mesmerising. Oh and don’t even get me started on the sunrises and sunsets or this will turn into a sonnet.



I settled in and soon heard the call of the spa. Just stepping into the Opulent spa I felt instantly calmer. The sky high ceilings, the incredible marina views, scented cold towel and refreshing flavoured water on arrival immediately transports you a world away from the usual hustle and bustle of life. You can take your pick from a diverse menu of facials, mani and pedis, hair services, body and massage therapies. After a little swim, hot tub, mint tea I felt pleasantly refreshed and so much more relaxed. I casually walked back to my room and enjoyed a wonderful in-room dinner whilst in my robe followed by a very peaceful sleep.


The next morning I awoke to a stunningly beautiful day. Breakfast was…. french toast, maple syrup and a selection of berries (keeping it balanced ;)) served in my room, on the balcony.

I was itching to get outside and enjoy the outdoor pool area as not to waste a moment of sunshine. The outdoor pool and the view did not disappoint, in fact I felt like I was in a different world. The view is quite surreal. From the infinity pool you can see the ocean glittering in the distance, the stunning architecture, with the Marina beneath you - it is a truly magical view.


That evening I found myself at the gym of The Address hotel. My main focus for this session was glute exercises without involving squats. The gym was extremely luxurious, clean, bright, very well equipped, and with personal trainers at hand. I utilised the 10kg, and 20kg weight for glute bridges, 30kg weight for dead lifts, and 20kg kettle bell for underarm swings. 

After my session I then found myself face down on the massage table. One hour after that my muscles had been eased and I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I stepped into the relaxation room where I laid in peace and calm, only steps away from my very own selection of nuts, teas and fresh water.


I day dreamed to my room where I got myself ready for a quiet night at the Shades Restaurant by the swimming pool. With my very own cabana I sat and watched the world go by, eating my delicious Wagyu beef burger and chips of plenty - I had a very content evening.


After a peaceful night's sleep, I watched the sunrise from my own bath tub, cup of tea in hand, feeling refreshed and cleansed. My mind, body, and vitality had been restored.


The Address Hotel has a very special place in my heart and I know it won’t be long until I return.

A true Dubai gem which despite it being located in Dubai City you would never believe it.

A hotel that will wrap you up in its royal treatment and leave you feeling no less than royalty.