The pretty cafe which makes you feel nothing less than Fabulous!


I have recently returned from my visit at Bounty Beets cafe and restaurant. If you are into your coffees and cafe culture then you will love this place.

The menu consists of your many guilty pleasures but created as a healthy alternative. I had the butternut squash risotto which was perfectly presented, wholesome, and delicous. Finished with yummy gluten free waffles which were an absolute delight and guilt free! Praise the lord!


At this cafe you have a pick of your fruity, hearty, superfood healthy, vegan - you name it, this diamond has got it!

Not only that but its got a beautiful, happy vibe decorated with positive post cards, cute interiors, pretty pastel colours, and little reminders to ensure a positive mindset.



It's a real feel-good (instagrammable!) healthy cafe which sets you on your way feeling fabulous! I will be returning for another dose of healthy treats and positivity very soon.